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A few weeks ago I let you know about some great Honesty Company swag in the form of two free box trials ($6 shipping). I had just signed up for mine and I was excited to share the deal. Now, I’m even more excited to reveal my unboxing and give you my reviews of the products now that I’ve had a chance to test them out.

Here’s what greeted me upon opening my Honest Company box:


Can I just first start by saying, “THIS BOX!” I mean how cute is this box. Like I said before, I’m a bit of a sucker for cute or creative packing/branding, and Honest Company really excels in this area. Their packaging is so bright and fun, it just kind of puts you in a good mood. So, yes this was a great start to my unboxing, but lets move on to the goodies.

Since I bundled two free box trials, (only had to pay shipping on one) we’ll start with the diapers and wipes sample pack:

The Nappies:




OK, what? Why are these so stinking cute? I’m in love with the fun designs on these diapers. I seriously have hearts in my eyes. There are so many mundane things us moms have to do in life, like changing diapers, why not make it fun with a little color and playfulness. Good stuff.

As well as being cute, these diapers are so soft and seem to be so comfy for baby. They are also made of natural, plant based & sustainable materials which is just a big fat win win all around.

I want to add that you get 7 diapers all sealed up in this neat little package, which is perfect for throwing in your diaper bag.


This is the part of the unboxing when baby stepped in to help. I mean, what a cute diaper boot. It’s almost too much cuteness for my eyes! Oh and the diaper fits him great and looks adorable.

The Wipes:



You get 10 wipes in this cute floral wipe package (again, great to throw in your diaper bag) These premium, natural wipes are soft and textured with no fragrance. They kind of feel more like cloth than just a normal wipe. I’m digging these.

The Essentials Sample Pack:


These deluxe sized samples are great for weekend and day trips. There is also plenty of product to test so that you can make an informed decision about what you might want to purchase in future.


This lotion goes on very slick and leaves skin very soft with a nice subtle glow. There isn’t much a smell, but what is there smells clean. It can feel a bit oily when applying, but I noticed that is doesn’t look oily and when it dries into the skin that feeling dissipates.


I really like the soft lavender smell and this hand soap wasn’t harsh or drying for my hands.


The smell is divine. The scent is like an orangesicle and reminds me of summer. I washed all four of my kid’s hair with this and my boy’s hair turned out great, but I think I didn’t wash all of the soap out of my daughter’s hair, because her hair was a bit weighed down. I would suggest if you have a baby with fine hair that you make sure that all of this soap is fully washed out.


I tried this natural cleaner on my windows, my mirrors and my granite counters and I was seriously so excited with how clean it got all of my surfaces without leaving smudges. I did have to go over my mirror a couple of times (little greasy fingerprints need extra attention) but the end result was clear streak free and naturally cleaned surfaces with one simple product. Score!


This might be my favorite product in the pack. It’s just like magic in a tube. My hands can get kind of dry so I used a little on my hands and this balm worked wonders, but my husband and oldest son have really dry hands. Their knuckles get rough and cracked and I was so excited to use it on them. It soothed there skin and kept is soft and moisturized. I’m a huge fan of this product. It has multiple purposes as well and can be used for cuts and scrapes as well as on baby’s bottom. That’s just good stuff.

Final Thoughts:

I am very impressed with The Honest Co. They have natural ingredients that I feel good about myself and my family using. They pay attention to detail as well as the big pictures, which I love, and their products are both appealing and practical. The shining stars in these bundles for me were the playful and fun diapers and the healing balm and multi-purpose cleaner. I highly recommend this trio and I appreciate that out of all the products I tried, there wasn’t a bad apple in the bunch. Cheers all around.

If you would like to order your free trial Honest Co box (diapers/wipes & essentials): CLICK HERE!

And if you would like to save $10 on your first purchase at Honest Co with my code: CLICK HERE!


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39 thoughts on “Sweet Little Unboxing of Honest Co’s Free Trial Boxes (With special help from Baby)”

  1. I don’t have a baby, but I’m tempted to get one of these boxes just because the box is so cute! I had two boys, and would have loved to outfit them in those adorable diapers. I hope a lot of parents take advantage of the free samples; it’s so hard to find something that works with your baby’s skin. Excellent!

  2. Christy! There is also a Honest Beauty box that has a free trial going on too that I ordered and love. I’m going to do a post about that one too. I’ll let you know, but you can always go check it out now too.

  3. This is adorable! I love Honest Co. Products and need to get this sent to my daughter (1st granddaughter coming in 3 wks). Thank you for the post, very nicely done, can’t wait to read more!

  4. This article was so interesting! I had never heard of the Honest Co, but this makes me interested in exploring further products.

    Have you ever investigated into Burt’s Bees products? I’ve been researching them lately!

  5. This box is adorable. You have done a great job on this review not to mention the pictures! I have to say that I like the giraffe and nautical print myself. Granted when my son was still in diapers, we used cloth. So,I am definitely a print mom! We had Albert flips and blackbird THursties. These Honest diapers would fit perfect in a cloth diapers stash if they were doing alot of traveling or if they didn’t feel comfortable cloth diapering out side of the house…..Ok I need to stop now.

    lol Great post! I may have a little tinge of baby fever now.

  6. Hi Lindsey! The giraffes are seriously cute. I haven’t had much experience with all cloth diapers, but I just had a bundle sent to me in exchange for a review, so I’m excited to give them a whorl. I have four littles and I still can get baby fever. Crazy right?

  7. I considered signing up for this a few weeks ago when they advertised on FB, but was unsure. Now that I’ve seen what’s included I will be ordering mine. Thanks for the review!!

  8. Awesome Jordyn. I have links in the post for you to click on. One is for the free trial and one is if you want to buy product. There’s a $10 off your first purchase code through that link.

  9. Great blog! I am currently in the process waiting to review!! Cant wait!! Do you review a wide variety of products?? feel free to message me or visit http://www.heathersheavenblog.com I might have something for you to review! Have a great night! <3 the blog!

  10. Thanks Heather. I have reviewed a wide variety of products. They haven’t all made it on the blog, but my favs will be featured. I review for a few panels, for Amazon and for companies directly. I sometimes tweet and Facebook those reviews, it just depends. I would love to chat with you and see what you might have for me to review and see what I might be able to send your way. I will visit your blog too.

  11. This box is adorable! Thanks for the review this is a really good deal and you know the fact that it’s super cute also helps lol. This would be perfect for my sister’s new baby!

  12. I didn’t think about it, but these freebies would be great goodies to add to any baby shower gift. Such a great idea! You can also just order separate products. The second link has a $10 off code for my readers if your interested.

  13. Hi, your blog looks amazing, congratulations!! I have seen honest products in stores but never used them, I might stop by their website and check out this deal! Thank you for a great post, it was fun to read!! 🙂

  14. I really like the concept of this idea, unfortunately I live in England with a 10 year old. However if they did have this I would recommend to friends with young children. Great post well written.xx

  15. Thanks so much! I love England. My family and I have a dream of living in Europe for a few years. My husband has his EU citizenship. I however, am a California girl and I want to experience other cultures!

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