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Summer is approaching quickly and if you live in California like I do, it might as well already be here. It’s heatin’ up and the school year is over for my littles, so bring on the pool parties and beach trips.

I adore all of the summer activities, but I don’t love the havoc these activities can wreak on my skin!

This is why Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray is on my must-have skin care list for the summer. Evian sent me this travel size facial spray to try and review and I’m seeing hearts.

It is pure mineral water from the French Alps and it’s kind of amazing stuff. It isn’t chemically treated in any way. A fun fact that I just learned is that the water follows a 15-year journey to acquire its unique mineral balance. I think that’s pretty awesome!


Five Favorite Summertime Uses:

  1. Mist it on after pool time to remove harsh chemicals like chlorine that can damage your facial skin.
  2. Stick it in your beach bag to keep your skin hydrated at the beach. Sun and salt water suck moisture from your skin. Evian facial spray will keep you cool and refreshed.
  3. Use it in the morning to wake up your skin and give it extra moisture before applying your moisturizer.
  4. Use it to cool off and gently clean baby while on the go!
  5. Use it over foundation and powder to even out your complexion and create a very natural look. {Nobody wants cake face, especially during the summer} Such a great makeup HACK!


 Final Thoughts

I’m a bit obsessed with Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray. I really love all of it’s varied uses and benefits. I just pop this travel size bottle into my purse or beach bag and I’m good to go. I can spray it on any time and any where and get an instant boost of hydration for my skin. Plus, I really love how it evens out my makeup and gives me a more natural look even when wearing a good amount of makeup. A bonus is being able to use it to clean up my baby when on the go and not have to worry about putting any chemicals on his skin.

Just an all around stellar product! Get your own must-have Evian Brumisater Facial Spray at evianspray.com 

{I received this product in exchange for my honest review}

Beauty Buzz Question: What is your favorite use for Evian facial spray?




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30 thoughts on “Evian Facial Spray is a Glowing Summer Skin Must-Have!”

  1. That sounds amazing… I would never beable to spray my self, I struggle so much with anything going towards my face, literally it takes me five min to build up the courage to spray on my makeup setting spray😱

  2. I did not know they are making skincare products as well! I like the advice to use it after a pool session, you always forget that…

  3. I didn’t either until I was sent one. Yes, there are so many great uses for this facial spray! I have a rose water spray too, but it has extra ingredients in it and has a strong smell. This is pure mineral water with no smell or processing.

Your thoughts?


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