Hi Pettigrew Crew,

As you know, I love beauty and cosmetics swag. I also adore blogging perks and great deals. So, you can imagine how excited I am about this Dealspotr feature!

As the founder of Beauty Bloggers Forum on Facebook and the new curator for Dealspotr’s Beauty & Cosmetics Shopping Channel, I have so much goodness to offer all of my Pettigrew Crew beauty, fashion, lifestyle & mommy bloggers right now!


Let me start by telling you a little about Dealspotr and all it has to offer influencers/bloggers. Oh, and if you’re not a blogger, but you love free gift cards and great shopping deals, not to worry, you’re included too!

We all go to Instagram for great pictures and Pinterest for the inspiration we need right? Well, Dealspotr is the place to go for shopping deals!

In fact, it has more coupon/promo shopping codes than any other deal site online!


What is Dealspotr? It’s basically a social media site where influencers, couponers and shoppers can all come together and benefit one another in our pursuit of the best shopping experience. And, I should mention that you can make money while doing so? Some bloggers are making over 500 a month, but even if you don’t have a blog, you can still earn awesome Amazon gift cards just for posting deals and coupon codes to the Dealspotr feed.

I know that you must have a ton of questions, so I’m going to give you a very simple 6 step tutorial to get you started on Dealspotr, so you can start earning money and getting the best shopping deals on the Internet.


Step 1: Go visit Dealspotr {be sure to use the link that’s right for you}

Go to the Dealspotr site and sign up. There are three different links to use depending on what category you fit into. {make sure to read them all and choose the link that is correct for you!

If you are a shopper/couponer use this Shopper/Couponer Login Link

If you are a blogger/influencer make sure to use this Influencer Login Link

If you are a blogger/influencer, but you are already signed up with Dealspotr as a shopper and you want to upgrade your account to Influencer status use this: Upgrade to Influencer Login Link


Step 2: Use a Miss Pettigrew Review promo code {to receive your Amazon gift card}

When you register for Dealspotr use one of my Miss Pettigrew Review promo codes to instantly earn an Amazon gift card just for signing up! There are also three different codes.

If you are a shopper/couponer who used the first link above, you are going to use this promo code: MISSPETTIGREWREVIEW  Using this code will earn you 5000 points, which equals a $5 Amazon gift card just for joining Dealspotr and being a Miss Pettigrew Review reader. So good right?

If you are an influencer/blogger who used either of the influencer links above you will use this promo code: 6sIuYb8R  Using this code will earn you 10,000 points {5k points for joining and 5k points for verifying your blog} This equals a $10 Amazon gift card.

Lastly, if you want to get a super deal and earn an instant $15 Amazon gift card, then all you need to do is join our Beauty Bloggers Forum on Facebook {go HERE to join!} It’s an awesome group on Facebook full of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and mommy bloggers who all share a passion for beauty and fashion posts. It’s a great place to make blogger connections and promote your blog. We’re almost to 600 bloggin’ babe members and are growing quickly. And it’s FREE to join.

Beauty Bloggers Forum has partnered with Dealspotr, and our members receive a special promo code that earns you 15,000 points (or a $15 Amazon gift card) Once you join us on Facebook, you can check out our pinned welcome thread that has the special promo code in it!


Step 3: Confirm your Email

A simple step. Just check your email and click the confirm link.


Step 4: Explore Dealspotr, check out your dashboard and fill out your Profile

I recommend spending a little time clicking on the different tabs and checking out all that Dealspotr has to offer. Also, you can add a profile picture, your blog info and a short bio.

If you are an influencer/blogger, you will want to use this link: Influencer Blog Validation to see how to validate your blog. You’ll just need to validate your blog in the system and can withdraw an e-gift card from Amazon, or with an additional step you can cash out via PayPal.


Step 5: add shopping channels to your dashboard and follow couponers/influencers

When you add your favorite shopping topics to your dashboard, you will insure that you receive the kind of shopping deals that you’re interested in right in your personal feed.

For example, if you are interested in beauty and cosmetics {like me} you can add the Beauty and Cosmetics shopping channel to your interests and you will see coupon codes and deals for brands that sell these items. You can also include the specific brands that you love and your feed will include all of the codes and deals that brand is offering. Pretty awesome right??

You can also look around at all of the influencers and couponers who are already active on Dealspotr and you can follow their deals, their blogs and even have a chat with them if you like.



Step 6: Post deals, spot hot deals and earn more points which = more gift cards

I’ve really been enjoying posting and spotting deals on Dealspotr, {not to mention using these awesome deals} You earn points for posting deals from your favorite brands and you can also earn points for spotting other’s deals if those deals become popular and go hot!

Below is a screen shot of the deal posting page. You have the option to post specific product deals {like the Urban Decay Eyeshodow deal I just posted} or a Site Wide deal.



Now that you know the six easy steps to becoming a Dealspotr pro. You can go sign up now and start enjoying your perks. You can also find and follow me on Dealspotr.

Send me a note once you get settled in and explore a bit and I can send you more information and tips for getting started. Looking forward to seeing you on Dealspotr and I’m so excited to bring this offer to all of the Miss Pettigrew Review readers. Enjoy!


Hiya Pettigrew Crew, have a burning question about Dealspotr??? Ask away in the comments section and I’m happy to help!



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