So, here’s the deal on the perfect Kate Spade Promo Code… it’s really hard to find! First of all, the codes I tend to discover are for sale items or specific items I don’t want. Frankly, they’re just not that great. So, I’m going to tell you a secret to finding awesome Kate Spade Discount codes you’ll love.

Let’s jump in so you can get busy buying that awesome designer bag you’ve been eyeing already!



Step 1: Find the perfect designer Kate Spade bag.


You’ve found the perfect Kate Spade Designer Handbag, but you don’t want to stop there. You want a deal on this perfect bag! Am I right??

Kate Spade Promo Code 2017

The Cameron Street Large Lane bag is a real thing of beauty, but wouldn’t is be even more beautiful if it were less expensive? TRUTH!


Step 2: Notice that the promo bar is sadly empty.


Then you spot the promo code bar. If you’re new to Kate Spade there’s a perfect solution for you. You can simply sign up for the Kate Spade newsletter and you’ll instantly receive a single use coupon code good for 15% off.

Kate Spade %15 off

But, what about those of us who are Kate Spade Girls and we’ve already used our new member promo code long ago??? We usually run to google and type in Kate Spade Promo Code of course!



Step 3: Search Google for the perfect Kate Spade Promo Code.


So, off to google I go and I type in Kate Spade Promo Code. I’m immediately presented with a page full of sites promising great Kate Spade Discount Codes, but since I’m a online shopping queen, I know that most of these aren’t going to do anything for me. AT ALL!

Here’s what google shows me from three common online shopping coupon sites in my search for the perfect Kate Spade Coupon Code:



Step 4: Find a sea of Kate Spade “Promo Codes” you can’t use!



Kate Spade Promo Code 2017


Kate Spade Promo Code 2017


Kate Spade Promo Code 2017 As you can see, most of the time what your google search will produce is a bunch of “coupon codes” that aren’t really codes at all, they’re just sales that Kate Spade is advertising on their site anyway. Usually, these sales are going to be on sale items, very specific items (you’re not interested in) or something to do with free shipping.

All fine, but NOT what you’re looking for. These coupon codes aren’t going to help you get a discount on the new Kate Spade bag that’s waiting in your cart with an empty promo code bar. Nope.

But not to worry, my Kate Spade Fashionfeens! Here’s where the fun secret part comes in!



Step 5: Leave those basic deal sights and visit Dealspotr!


Free products for bloggers

Dealspotr is a online coupon code site that’s so different from the rest. Why? Because they have tons of members who post their single use coupon codes on the site for others (like you and me) to use and enjoy!

Let’s give it a try shall we?!

Kate Spade 2017


Step 6: Search for single use Kate Spade promo code on Dealspotr!


Single Use Kate Spade Promo Code 2017

From my screen shot here you can see 9 different %15 single use Kate Spade Promo Codes, but that’s just the beginning. I counted how many there were and realized there were over 50 codes listed. 50! That’s kind of amazing, but the real question is, DO THEY WORK?? The simple answer…YES!

Kate Spade Promo Code 2017


Step 7: Slap your Kate Spade Promo Code into that empty promo bar!


I decided to pick the first one so I could really put Dealspotr to the test. I figure it’s the first on the page, which means it’s probably been used a ton of times and won’t work for me. Let’s see…

Kate Spade Promo Code 2017

BAM! First one worked like a charm and my sweet little (non sale item) Kate Spade Bag priced at $278 is now $236! Say what?! This is pure genius Dealspotr!


Step 8: Proceed to checkout with a fat savings on your NEW Kate Spade bag all thanks to Dealspotr!


Finally, it’s time to checkout and grab those savings! I’m so glad that I discovered Dealspotr and found this awesome online shopping promo code secret! I couldn’t wait to share it with the Pettigrew Crew! There are so many online shopping discount sites, but not all of them are created equally. Dealspotr has an awesome community of deal lovers who are always finding great deals and sharing them with everyone else. Oh, and let’s not forget that sharing great deals and promo codes = points that can be used towards… you guessed it, more SHOPPING!

Kate Spade Promo Code 2017


Final Step: Become a member of Dealspotr and earn points towards gift cards & cash for MORE SHOPPING!


If you love finding online deals and sharing them with others like I do, then Dealspotr is for you. If you want to earn points that can be redeemed towards Amazon e-gift cards, than you’re definitely going to want to sign up for Dealspotr right now!

Go here –> Miss Pettigrew Review Dealspotr Referral Link! or use my exclusive referal code: MISSPETTIGREWREVIEW to earn an automatic 5000+ points when you sign up! I love sharing perks with the Crew! (10,o00 points = $10 Amazon card)

Influencers/Bloggers can earn even more perks! Check out the options down below!

Free products for bloggers

Free products for bloggers

Free products for bloggers

AND, if you’re a blogger, with at least 1000 visitors a month, you can get an automatic upgrade to the Influencer Network without an application if you use the Miss Pettigrew Review private referral code 6sIuYb8R This will give a referral bonus to you and I once you are verified. Yippy! For more info, check out this Dealspotr article!

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to earn some more points towards more Kate Spade lovelies! As a Dealspotr Trusted Influencer, it’s one of my favorite spots to hang!

*Sponsored post and so fun to write because I love Dealspotr and so will you!

Kate Spade Promo Code 2017


Let’s Chat:


Love to know your thoughts on Dealspotr and their awesome Kate Spade Promo Codes in the comments! And can’t wait to see you over at Dealspotr!


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