under eye mask for puffy eyes

I’ve been on the hunt for the best under eye mask for puffy eyes for a while now. I’m a mama on the go with little rascals in tow, so sleep deprivation is my constant companion. Also, gorgeous Spring is upon us, {heart eyes!} but springtime allergies can often equal eye bags and dark circles. So, when I was sent the VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask for review I was all about it!

under eye mask for puffy eyes

Oxygen Under Eye Mask

This oxygen under eye mask is full of great ingredients like vitamins, antioxidants and botanical peptides. {I love plant based skincare don’t you?} They come 6 pairs in a package. VIIcode recommends wearing them while you sleep 2 to 3 times a week. {Nor longer than 8hrs.} They also suggest a three box treatment to get the full effect.

I find that I don’t prefer wearing these at night while I sleep. So, I choose to wear them on days when I know I will be working from home and 3-4 hours before bed. Many have said that they stay on quite nicely during sleep. However, if you sleep on your stomach, you might want to wear a sleep mask to keep them in place. {Works like a charm.}

viicode o2m oxygen eye mask

How They Work: 

After you clean your face, open the little silver packet. {Carefully ladies, we don’t want to rip all of that bright-eyed goodness.} The oxygen under eye mask has a clear membrane that needs to be removed. Then you place the eye mask under each eye.

My Tip: Be sure not to place the mask too close to your bottom eyelid or there will be discomfort when you’re looking down. Leave a little space between your eyelid and the mask. Test by moving your eyes in all directions to make sure you are comfortable. 

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Next, you want to gently press the the eye mask into your skin. Can I just say, I love this part! The masks feel so cool and soft under my eyes and my skin instantly feels refreshed and calmed. I also like that these are in a solid, squishy gel form that isn’t runny or messy.  They are attached to a very soft white fabric and they stay in place and are easily adjusted.

I’ve tried other eye masks in the past that were made of thin product only and they ripped and slide around much too easily. These are like squishy little gel pillows. I must admit, I have a hard time not playing with them once they’re on my face.

oxygen under eye mask

Final Thoughts: 

These oxygen under eye masks are like a little skincare secret weapon that I can pull out of my skincare arsenal when needed. I’ve been searching for an under eye mask for puffy eyes and these are my solution. After a few uses I feel like the skin under my eyes looks more firm, hydrated and healthy, with no eye bags.

I can’t say that I’ve noticed much of a difference in dark circles or fine lines, but I don’t really have persistent dark circles anyway and I feel like I need to use the product longer for the full effect when it comes to seeing any difference in fine lines. I am happy with the brightening and hydration and I would recommend these for that reason. Bye-bye eye puff!

Beauty Buzz: Do you get puffy eyes in the Spring due to allergies like I do??

Buy the VII code O2M Oxygen Eye Mask HERE!

In other news…Favorite Accessory for Spring!

I can’t get over how much I love my new rose gold Misfit Vapor Smartwatch, so I thought I’d include this little hardworking beauty in the post as well!

Misfit Vapor Review

So, I’ve been looking for a smartwatch to do my workouts for me. Boom found it! Just kidding, that’s not a thing. But seriously, loving my new Misfit Vapor Smartwatch! It tracks steps, calories, distance, heart rate and has a stand alone music player that connects directly to wireless head phones. Yaaaaas girl! It’s also swim proof and connects me to all of my phones notifications.

I also love the large round watch face and the delicate rose gold hardware and band. It really is so beautiful and you certainly can’t say that for all smartwatches. My watch needs to be arm candy approved and this one certainly is. Love is in the air!

More Misfit Vapor Smartwatch Info HERE!

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  1. I tried the eye mask and I really loved them! I found that my undereye area was a lot brighter and less puffy! I would also love to try out that watch! It is so much prettier than the typical fitness trackers!

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