glowy skin secret weapon

Glowy Skin Secret Weapon

I don’t know about you, but when ever Jack Frost comes nipping at my nose, it’s not a good look. My skin can get dry and lack luster during the Holiday Season and it’s just the time of year when I want to look cheery and bright. But I have a solution to my dull skincare woes. What is my glowy skin secret weapon you ask?? Well I’d just love to share! (oh and I was totally kidding with the title. Feel free to tell your friends and be a skincare superhero!)

gleamin clay mask review
gleamin vitamin c clay mask

Gleamin Clay Mask Review

As you know, with a name like Miss Pettigrew Review, I’m all about reviewing the best and brightest skincare on the market. When Gleamin reached out to me to review their Vitamin C Clay mask, I was very intrigued and definetly looking forward to testing it out. I love a good clay mask and vitamin C is music to my skincare lovin’ ears. So, yes please let’s do this!

gleamin skincare review

First Impressions…

First of all, I love the ingredients of this mask. How can you go wrong with aloe vera, turmeric and vitamin C I ask you? Also, I might add, there are no nasties in this skincare and that’s what I love to hear right? I’m all about clean skincare and I prefer to know that all of the ingredients going on my skin to “care” for it, will do just that.

Next, let’s focus on the packaging. I’ve always been a sucker for great packaging and this packaging goes above and beyond. It’s bright and sleek, doesn’t have a bunch of wasteful materials and even comes with a very soft application brush. I mean it’s little, but packs a punch. I’ve never had such a nice applicator brush come with my skincare before. Seriously so good! Let’s all say it, “Happy Mail Ya,ll!”

glowy skin secret weapon

Does it Work?

Now let’s talk about how my glowy skin secret weapon performs. It’s very smooth and goes on nice and evenly. It’s fast drying and only takes 10 minutes. Most of the masks I’ve used in the past took a lot longer. This is so convenient if you’ve got some place to be and time is of the essence.

I have to say, after using this vitamin C clay mask, my skin feels and looks smoother and more vibrant right after use. I love when skincare products can have immediate results as well as long term benefits don’t you? It’s always nice to do my make up right after a tight mask like this one because it always feels like it shrinks my pours and makeup just applies so much better. Score!

gleamin vitamin c mask

Wrap it Up Already!

I’m a fan of this Gleamin clay mask and my experience with it has been stellar. If I had one critique, it would be that I wish there were a little more product in my container. But I must say, what I did have was so good.

I also want to mention that I can use this mask as an acne treatment whenever I get a breakout. It’s been a stressful year and whenever I feel a lot of stress it can equal breakouts on my face. It’s important to have a product on hand for my stress related breakouts.

At the end of the day, I love a hardworking skincare product. Dual purpose skincare is where it’s at! It means I can have less products that do more for my skin. Win, win!

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*This product was sent to me for review purposes, but as always all of the thoughts are my own!

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