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It’s a dream come true to open the Miss Pettigrew Shop on Amazon. All of our gorgeous products are as practical as they are pretty. They’re stunning enough to make perfect gifts and yet there’s “brains” behind all of this beauty.

Our Unicorn & Flamingo inspired washi tape isn’t just magical, it can help you get organized and while our Jade & Rose Quartz Roller Set looks like exotic jewelry, it will help you achieve healthier skin. Our Washi Wallet is a chic little number that complements any bag, but is also the most thoughtfully designed washi tape holder around. And while our unicorn squishies are quite the whimsical little loves, even they work hard as the cutest stress-relievers you’ll find!



Miss Pettigrew Luxury 2-in-1 Jade Roller “The Mermaid” and Rose Quartz Roller “The Unicorn” Set





Our super popular Rose Quartz “The Unicorn” & Jade Stone “The Mermaid” Facial Roller Set SOLD OUT, and is now back in stock and on a SUPER SALE!!  These rollers are usually sold separately (Boo!) So, we decided to make a gorgeous set! If you buy both rollers at Nordstrom you’ll pay over $90, with our big sale you can buy our set for only $25! (Plus free 2 Day Shipping with Amazon Prime)

Ready for Glowing Summer Skin? New Miss Pettigrew Jade Roller “The Mermaid” & Rose Quartz Roller “The Unicorn” Set on Amazon. Keep one chilled why the other is busy relieving stress, shrinking pores & helping you get the most out of your skincare routine! Learn more of the benefits of our rollers HERE!


Miss Pettigrew Premium 2-in-1 Washi Tape Set – Tropical Flamingo and Unicorn Dreams



Bucket List check off just happened! I have opened up the Miss Pettigrew Shop on Amazon and we just launched our first product. Washi Tape!! (of course) Can you say Unicorns & Flamingos?? This washi tape is premium, specially curated by me and extra-long (10m). Plus, it comes two sets in one. It’s great for planning, DIY, crafting & gift wrapping!! Full Review HERE!


Miss Pettigrew Washi Wallet Plus Unicorn Dreams Washi Tape Set – Chic Washi Tape Organizer and Storage


GORGEOUS WASHI TAPE STORAGE – We’ve all thrown our washi into a bag while heading out, only to have our beautiful washi tape ripped or crushed! The NEW Washi Wallet is a perfectly designed washi tape holder that secures tape rolls with it’s custom made circular shape, while displaying your craft tape with a built in clear window. View your washi at a glance, then grab and go in style!



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