I am obsessed with beauty and lifestyle boxes these days. Who doesn’t love beautiful little presents coming in the mail every month? You can sign up for monthly and quarterly box subscriptions for as little as $10 and receive regular, deluxe and full size beauty products in the mail worth much more than what you paid. Score!

I love to research, and I’ve been doing some major homework on the subject of monthly subscription goodness. I have so much knowledge and excitement over my new found treasures, that I just have to share the love. A lot of people are surprised to discover just how many awesome boxes there are in the world, and this blog will get you hooked up with the subscriptions that are right for your wallet, your taste and your lifestyle.


I hope you will be a part of the new “Pettigrew Crew” and be the first to hear about boxes, samples, freebies, discounts and lots of reviews on the most popular monthly and quarterly beauty and lifestyle boxes. We’ll have a lot of fun unboxing our treasures, and showing them off to one another. This should be fun.


Fun Fact: Being a part of our crew will be especially helpful for alerting you to the unique boxes that only come once a season, or are a one time purchase and sellout fast. Like the popular and ever illusive $5 Target Beauty Box. Trying to get your hands on that box can be like trying to catch a fairy. Subscribe to Miss Pettigrew Review and you will be in the know in advance, which puts you in reach of that fairy dust.


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