Who doesn’t love Urban Decay? The wildly popular makeup brand has been in existence since the 90’s, but was purchased by L’Oreal in 2013 and in Spring 2015, Urban Decay expanded its social media presence with a site, The Violet Underground. It features collaborations with young make-up artists and the company seems to be doing everything right. They understand the importance of social media and the power of influencers like, bloggers/vloggers, they are doing amazing collaborations like the Gwen Stefani collection  and they have bold, fun make-up that’s not only on trend, but it’s setting trends.

So many makeup lovers either own (or wish they could own) one of UD’s naked eyeshadow pallets. One of the favorite naked pallets in the bunch is the Naked 2 pallet pictured below.


The Naked Pallet 2 eye shadows are described by UD here:

From luminous shades with shimmer and sparkle to the smoothest mattes imaginable, Naked 2 is packed with 12 never-boring taupe-hued neutrals (including a gorgeous grayish brown, a glittery copper and our lewdest, blackest black). Expand your Naked range to create even more sultry neutral looks, smoky dramatic looks and everything in between.

The case has an art-school inspired look with a hinged lid—taupe metal with embossed chocolate brown artwork. It’s smooth, modern and cool to the touch—a real tactile experience.

Sounds good to me. I’m sold. Or am I? All of this fabulousness comes with a price tag and what is that price? $54 on the Urban Decay site as well as others such as Ulta. If you have the money and want to make the makeup investment in this beautiful makeup pallet, then you go for it, but…

For you ladies who love the pallette, but don’t want (or can’t) shell out that kind of cash.

Enter the W7 – ‘In The Buff’ Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette!

51PWWCJr-cLDescribed by W7:

  • 12 inspired shades
  • W7 In the Buff Color Palette
  • Lightweight, yet sturdy tin and includes a double sided brush (one side smudger).
  • A gorgeous spectrum of colors and finishes from pale and deep, to matte and sparkly
  • The colors blend together charmingly and they don’t settle around the crease or the corners of your eye

Yes, it’s O.K. to do a double take. I know I did when I saw this little pallet on sale at Amazon.

This W7 ‘In The Buff’ Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette is currently on sale for $8.58 which is slightly more than what I paid, and my guess is it will continue to go up as more people buy and review this product. This pallet currently has a 4 and 1/2 star rating and over 1500 reviews on amazon and for good reason.

I bought the pallet a few weeks ago now, and this was my review:

What a perfect dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked palette. I must say I wasn’t expecting to be so impressed. I received this palette about a week ago and I have been able to create a couple of different looks that myself (and the husband) loved. These shadows have rich pigmentation and smooth blendablity! (is that a word? If not, it should be) I appreciate the mix of matte and shimmer shadows and I really love the level of shimmer. It’s not too sparkly. I can create both dramatic evening looks and more subtle day time looks. It’s just a very versatile and usable palette that I am so glad I added to my collection. Plus, the packaging is so cute and very sturdy, a perfect addition to my vanity. And for $7 (instead of the hefty price tag of UD’s $50 palettes) it was kind of a no brainer for me!

Here is a side by side of the two palettes, if you need further proof of what an exact dupe this product really is.



Now, I’m not saying that the quality of the W7 eye shadow exactly matches the quality of UD’s, (that’s asking a bit much don’tcha think?) but, I will say I am very happy with this product. So, if you’re a dupe lovin’ kind of gal who’s all about a good deal, or if your’re just really curious, like I was, you can click the link below and purchase yours right now!

Remember to come on back to this post and leave an update after you receive your w7 pallet. I know the Pettigrew Crew would love to know what you think about this product!

W7 – ‘In The Buff’ Natural Nudes Eye Colour Palette


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6 thoughts on “Want an $8 Dupe for Urban Decay’s $54 Naked Eye Shadow Palette?”

  1. wow! this is so cool to know, thanks for sharing. Definitely going to check it out and see what I think, glad I have prime right now. I’ll be sharing this post with friends as well, I know so many who want the naked palette but don’t want to pay the price.

  2. Hi Morgan and welcome to the Pettigrew Crew! I have lots more dupes like this one so stay tuned, but this is definitely a recent fav. I use the pallet all of the time. It’s great. I would love for you to share this with your friends! Tell them that their lots more to come!

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