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Round 2 of the Battle of the Beauty Boxes is going down! In the ring today: Boxycharm.

As I mention in Round 1 of the Battle of the Beauty Boxes: Birchbox edition, {which you can check out HERE} in this series I won’t be focusing on reviewing each product in a single beauty box, but rather, reviewing the beauty box brand as a whole. So, instead of one box, I will present you with multiple boxes from each beauty box brand. I will offer up my review of what I think this box is all about and what it has to offer and highlight a couple of my favorite products from each box.

My hope is that this series will help anyone who needs a little help trying to decide which beauty box is right for them, or perhaps someone looking to try a new box, but unsure which one packs the biggest punch.

Let’s jump into the Boxycharm ring!


Boxycharm is a lesser known beauty box from some of the other heavy hitters I’m reviewing in this series, but don’t underestimate this brand, this box can hold it’s own in the beauty box ring. For this Beauty Box Battle we will get up close and personal with May, June and July’s Boxycharm boxes.


Boxycharm comes in a black box with this squiggly, black paper filling. They have recently added some fun wording and a little heart in their logo, which is cute, but if you’re looking for colorful boxes to collect and keep, you won’t find them here. I will add though, if they are using the money I would be spending on all of those designed boxes and putting it into my beauty products, I’m just fine with that!


Boxycharm comes with these fun and colorful product menu cards, {same as Birchbox} but these cards have a “boxy tip” for each product, which I appreciate and have found useful.


May’s Boxycharm came with 6 full sized items. 6! It’s pretty amazing that for less than $25 I received six full-sized beauty products delivered to my door. Can you imagine taking a trip to Ulta and coming away with 6 full sized beauty products for $21 dollars, or better yet ordering from you favorite beauty supply online store and having them shipped to your door for under $21! Not going to happen. The box included a brow wand, nude lip liner, a fragrence spray, a blush compact, nail polish and a dual-ended eyeliner.


Like Birchbox, Boxycharm also has a theme they center their box around each month. May’s box was Spring Vibes. I don’t think that they tie their products into their theme quite as well as Boxycharm does, however I do like a good theme and I like the effort put into creating one.


My two favorite products from May’s box were this Makeup Geek Blush & this ella + mila nail polish in.


I have been loving Makeup Geek products lately and this powder blush is no exception. The packaging is super cute and this blush compact is small and well made {with a fun magnetic snap close}. As for the blush, I swoon. This xoxo shade is a very pretty peach-y pink that mimics a natural flush. This blush is also very pigmented and easily blended to perfection. Good blush stuff!


I adore this pistache shade by ella + mila. It’s a simple minty green that almost looks like white nail polish in certain light. I think it’s an awesome shade for spring and summer. I also want to mention that I like the polish formula as well. You could almost get away with wearing one coat and it glides on very easily. I’m a fan!


June’s box came with 5 full sized products including: a face and body shimmer, a box of 3 masks, a liquid eyeliner and an oil control pressed powder.


June’s theme was Girls Just Wanna Have Sun and had some products featured around the theme like shimmer power and brightening masks.


My plan was to keep it to 2 favs a box, but I just couldn’t with June’s box. I had to feature my top 3 products because I’m just that into them! These three products make me a happy girl and I need to show them off.


First up is this LVX nail polish in Serene. It’s a periwinkle/gray shade that is just beautiful. I will wear this shade year around. I prefered the ella+mila formula a little better, but his formula worked for me too.


Can I just say that this liquid eyeliner from Girlactik Beauty is so bomb! It goes on perfectly and is great for creating a precise winged eyeliner look. I mean, just look at that tip. So, so good.


Usually when you get a mask in a beauty box, it’s just a single one time use deal, not a cute little box of three masks. I am partial to gel masks because I think they look crazy and are just a bit more fun. I also like that I could see improvement to my skin right after use. My skin felt softer and just looked more glow-y, which is never a bad thing!


I was super surprised by July’s box! I was certainly not expecting to see a full sized magnetic palette from OfraPro with SIX eyeshadow pans in it. {Can you say Z Palette dupe!?} I guess you could say that July’s box had 4 full-sized items, but really you could also count all of the eyeshadow pans as full sized items and then we’re looking at 10 items!


July’s theme was Modern Merbabe. How freakin’ cute is that?! This box included a magnetic eyeshadow palette, a blending eyeshadow makeup brush, argon oil hair treatment and a natural lip gloss.


It was pretty easy to pick the two standouts for July. This palette and lip gloss with my favorites all the way.


These neutral shades are just gorgeous. I tend to get a ton more use out of neutral shades, so these picks put a smile on my face. I received 3 shimmer shades with 3 similar shades in matte. You can create a lot of looks with just these six shades. These shadows have nice pigment and blend very easily. This is great for this mom on the go.


Last, but not least one little bit is this natural lip gloss from Noyah in the shade Malbec. I can’t even with this packaging. I just love having this lip gloss in my bag so I can pull it out and show it off to anyone who cares! I heart organic and natural products and this gloss has no sulfates, parabens, or phtalates {the yucky stuff} and this gorgeous packaging is made of bamboo! Yay!

More reasons to love Boxycharm:

  1. Boxycharm delivers $100 or more worth of beauty products to your door every month for just $21!
  2. I don’t know of another box that offers more full sized products for the price
  3. While Birchbox has done away with their point system, You can still earn points from Boxycharm for reviewing your monthly products
  4. You can enter social media contests on their website to earn beauty product giveaways
  5. You also get charms for referring friends.

The full scoop:

For $21 a month {free shipping} you will receive a Boxycharm box in your mailbox filled with about 5 full sized products that are worth over $100 in value. You will receive brands like Makeup Geek, Ofra, LVX, Noyah, etc. A lot of the brands are more specialty and smaller brands, but with great quality. You will also be a part of the “Charmers” community and you can earn charms towards real dollars to spend on beauty products on the Boxycharm website. Also, you can even enter contests to win for free beauty product giveaways.

Final Thoughts:

I have been totally happy with this box, no I haven’t loved every product, but I’ve found some of my new favorite brands and products. I believe this is probably the best value of any of the top beauty boxes and that’s always good. I think this box is a great choice if you are on a beauty box budget, but you want to get a lot for your money.

To start receiving your own Boxycharm beauty boxes click HERE!

Stay Tuned for round 3 of Battle of the Beauty Boxes featuring: Play! by Sephora



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  1. I think whichever box you prefer really depends on your expectations. For me it’s about trying new products rather than discovering new brands, so my favorite by far is Sephora Play! I used to subscribe to Ipsy but I was disappointed every single months by products I didn’t care for. The Boxycharm looks better, but again there are too many brands I don’t know.


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