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I’ve heard everyone raving about the Makeup Eraser for a while now, {on Youtube and TV shows} but I hadn’t gotten around to buying one myself. I’ve been happy with my micellar water and cotton rounds to remove my makeup as of late, so I wasn’t in a hurry to try something new, but when Heidi Lerner a distributor for the Makeup Eraser reached out to me and asked to do a collab, I was quite excited to try this product out.

Heidi sent me a pink and purple {a new color} Makeup Eraser to test out and review.  img_9201qa


Before I get to the details of use and my review. Let me tell you a little bit about the Makeup Eraser.

It is a natural {no chemicals added} cloth that removes makeup using only water. This is something that interests me because I have been a lot more conscious about what I put on my skin lately and I’ve been into a lot of natural makeup and skincare, it only makes sense that I would gravitate towards a natural product to remove my makeup.

The Eraser is made from a blend of “luxury”polyester fibers and states that it can remove waterproof makeup. Apparently, it’s the way that the fibers are woven that remove makeup without product or chemicals.

It almost sounds too good to be true, so I was excited to test it out.



The cloth is in a long oval shape and one side has a short and smooth feel and the other side has a longer nap to the fibers.

I like the length of the cloth because you can use a different part of it with each use, thus allowing more uses with a completely clean part of the Eraser. I find that I only need about a fourth of the cloth to remove my makeup.


The Makeup Eraser comes with a cute and simple little instruction card that tells you the easy steps of use.

You want to wash the Eraser before use in your washing machine. Then take the clean Makeup Eraser and wet the portion of the cloth you plan to use. Make sure to really drench it. Next, gently rub your makeup off in circular motions using the smooth side of the cloth. Then flip the Eraser over and use the long nap side. This side works as an exfoliator for your skin. Then wash and dry your eraser as needed. {it’s dryer friendly}


Here’s a pic of my first time testing the Makeup Eraser. I had foundation and waterproof mascara on at the time. I’m happy to report that the Eraser was able to easily take off my waterproof mascara without my having to tug at my skin or rub too hard on the delicate skin around my eyes. I had to use about the same pressure that I do when using micellar water and a cotton circle.


After taking my makeup off on the smooth side of the Makeup Eraser, I then flipped it over to the long nap side {with the tag} and exfoliated my skin in the same gentle circular motions. I noticed that a little more makeup came off as well.


Lastly, I gently rubbed one of my cotton circles across my face just to test if all of my makeup was off and the cotton came back white with no traces of makeup on it.

My Thoughts: 

I really enjoy the Makeup Eraser. I love that I can take off my makeup in a very natural way without using any chemicals on my face. I also like that I don’t have to use cotton that I throw away and have to continue to purchase. I was surprised at how well the Makeup Eraser worked for me. I had seen a couple of videos where it seemed like people had to use a bit of pressure to get the makeup off, but I found that I could use a light pressure even on my waterproof mascara and my makeup came right off.

I also liked that after using both sides of the Magic Eraser my makeup was completely removed without a lot of time spent. Plus, the Eraser leaves no residue on my skin. One complaint I have with the micellar water is that it always leaves my eyelids feeling a little oily. This isn’t a problem with the Magic Eraser.

I also want to mention that the fibers in the Magic Eraser don’t hold bacteria, so this means you can wash when needed and not need to worry about any bacteria in your Eraser. Makeup Eraser suggests once a week, but you can decide what you feel comfortable with yourself.

I am a fan of the Makeup Eraser and I would definitely buy this product in the future.


If you would like to buy your own Makeup Eraser just click HERE and it will take you to Heidi’s Makeup Eraser site where you can purchase yours and watch some videos on the product as well.

{I received my Makeup Erasers in exchange for my honest review}




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