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I was quite excited to be selected to be a reviewer of the month for Kawaii Box. It’s this adorable subscription box filled with all kinds of cuteness from Japan and Korea!

I had seen the Kawaii Box on social media & blogs and really wanted to get my hands on one to unbox and review! I’m so happy to share this with you {but maybe not quite as excited as my daughter} This was definitely a fun one, and as you know, I’m all about fun mail!

Let’s jump into the cute!


This sweet little box arrived in the mail and yes, I and my little lovely freaked out! What wonders would await us inside?

Cuteness Overload is correct! It was almost unfair to my daughter that mommy had to photograph the goodness before she could tear into it all!



Inside of the Kawaii Box was this adorable little menu detailing all of the goodies in September’s box. The little personal touch of the “stay forever cute!” stamp was not lost on me.



First up: the crazy candy!

The little green bag was Pokemon Ramune Candy, which kind of tastes like a softer version of a sweet tart, but it was apple flavored. Yum! Not a fan of Pokemon, but the candy was a winner.

In the big box was Kracie Nyokinyoki Kororon DIY Candy Kit. Um DIY Candy kit…what?! How fun. It’s like a science experiment and a candy in one. My kids liked the other candy, but they went wild for this idea. I’ll have to update my post after we make this stuff tomorrow! Fun pics I’m sure.


These two cuties were my favs in the box and my daughter is off toting them around some where. I’m sure the little bunny ball will be sleeping with her tonight.

The Rabi-Dango Plush is a cute little bunny friend that feels like a beanie baby and is just so sweet and the I love you purse is great quality and has a cute little mint green lining. I could let me daughter use it as a play purse or I might want to use it myself as a coin purse for a touch of the whimsical in my own bag. Fun!


I gave the Invisible Secret Pen Set to my son and he and I immediately played super spy with it. I would have to say this little set was the coolest item in the Kawaii Box and works really well. The pen light is powerful and shows our secret codes and messages well and the magnifier is a nice touch!

My daughter loves writing in little notebooks, so the Happy Day Notebook set put a smile on her face. It has a little case and tiny pen and cute little stickers.


Up next: the Dream & Explore Notebook.

This one I decided to keep for myself. It’s the perfect little notebook to keep in my bag or on my night stand and fill with grocery lists, blog ideas, to-dos, etc. Love it.

The Pastel Mechanical Cupcake Pencil has little mickey mouse heads on it and a cupcake on top. Too stinkin’ cute. It’s something I would have picked out when I was a girl.


My daughter and I love to do arts and crafts together and we have quite a collection of stickers in our art box, but these are quite special. The Sweet Animals Sparkle Stickers have little jewels and potpourri balls inside and they smell like candy &  the Diamond Deco Stickers look like the perfect little jewels. Both are now some of our favs in our sticker collection for sure.


The Harajuku Hair Loops were cute and they spice up my daughter’s pony tails. Always good!


Final Thoughts: 

Loved this Kawaii Box and the whole fun mail experience. This was something that I got to share with my children and it was a fun bonding moment with my daughter. It brightened our day and brought smiles to our faces. This box would also make a great gift for the special little ladies in your life.

What You’ll Get: 

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