Hi all my Pettigrew Crew Blogging Babes & Planner Girls,

This last year I took my causal enjoyment for planners & planner accessories to a whole other level. I discovered the Happy Planner and let me tell ya, it was serious love at first sight. This love soon developed into a full on passion when I became a part of a community of awesome Planner Girls.  Along with my Happy Planner, I was introduced to a whole world of gorgeous planner accessories that make planning not only a practical necessity in my busy mommy/blogger life, but a really beautiful hobby with a supportive and fun planner tribe to share it with.

If you love planners, journals, stationary and planner accessories like I do, I hope you’ll join the Pettigrew Crew and share in all of the fun planner girl posts, reviews & videos I have scheduled for this new year.

Now let’s jump in.

Top 9 Planner Accessories:

Planner Paperclips & Page Holders Review

Number 9 Paperclips & Page Holders

There are so many fun paperclips out there. Here’s my stash. These little guys are so darn cute and they’re such a fun way to hold your place or highlight something important. Plus, they add a design element to your planner that’s really fun.

Mambi Book of Specialty Cardstock Review

Number 8 Mambi Book of 48 Specialty Cardstock Sheets   

These sheets are just so colorful, modern and well designed. They can be cut and hole punched and used for all types of little special details like birthdays, inspirational quotes, to-do lists etc. They really add to how creative I can get with my planner!

Pilot FriXon Erasable Gel Pens Review

Number 7 Pilot FriXon Erasable Gel Pens

These FriXon erasable gel pens are like magic! How awesome is it to plan away with these super pigmented, colorful pens and then easily just erase any mistake or any change of plans. I hate when I’m using a regular pen and make a mistake or need to change something and end up making my freshly designed planner pages look messy. These little beauties are my perfect answer to that. Freaking amazing. FriXon pens for the win!

Levenger Circa 1-2-3 portable hole punch review

Number 6 Levenger Circa 1-2-3 portable hole punch

My portable hole punch from Levenger punches the same open half circle punches that my Happy Planner uses, which gives me the freedom to add any paper I want to my planner. Plus, it’s quite a bit less expensive than the happy planner hole punch and more compact. It’s flat style makes it easier to store and take with me for on the go planning. I also like that it has 3 sections that can be used individually or lock and used together. Endless possibilities. Swooning!

JLS Portable Scrapbook Trimmer Review

Number 5  JLS Portable Scrapbook Trimmer

This JLS Portable trimmer is at the heart of it all! {I’m so pun-y} But seriously ladies, it’s just the best. It weighs like nothing, it’s my fav turquoise color w/ an orange trimmer {so cute} and it’s very sharp and cuts to perfection. I paid less than $8 for it and that’s never a bad thing. Can you say score?

Oh, and we can’t over look my teenie tiny planner keychain I snuck into the photo. It doesn’t have a spot on the list, but it’s completely adorable!

Sticky Notes & Double Sided Tape Roller

Number 4 Sticky Notes & Double Sided Tape Roller

These little sticky notes are perfect for adding special appointments, birthdays, events, check lists, etc to your planner. They also add extra design and texture to your pages. You can let them flap or use an adhesive tape roller {like this one I found in the Target $1 section} to secure them down completely. So good!

Happy Planner Sticker Book and Washi Tape Review

Number 3 Happy Planner Sticker Book & Washi Tape

My Happy Planner sticker book is so awesome I really don’t know how it’s not in the number 1 spot. Such a close race. I’m smitten with these sticker sheets from Mambi and I just think they are so so gorgeous. There are over 1200 amazing stickers to get me organized in the most creative way.

I had to throw in some of my favorite washi tape as well. Love my botanical garden Happy Planner washi that was designed especially for my planner. It’s a match made in heaven. Kinda cheating with two accessories on this one, but they’re both sticky right? This combo is a color lovers dream!

Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer Review

Number 2 Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer

The number 2 spot on the list goes to this little baby. My Polaroid ZIP  is definitely my most fun planner accessory. It prints any pic from my phone wirelessly and in seconds. The photos are on photo paper with a  sticky backing and they stick right into my Happy Planner. So easy! It’s a great way to plan blogging posts, keep memories in your planner and personalize your planning. If I’m going to put all of this time into planning and decorating, it’s nice that my planner can also serve as a sort of scrapbook as well. Love it! {I’ll be creating a more indepth YouTube video review of the polaroid ZIP soon}

Happy Planner Storage Case Review

Number 1 Happy Planner Storage Case

Drum roll please…the number one spot on my Top 9 Planner Accessories list goes to…my Happy Planner Storage Case! This little tote is so amazing, I decided I would devote my first ever YouTube video review to showcase this hardworking beauty! It holds and takes care of all of my other planner goodies, so it’s literally like the mother of all planner accessories! The design is swoon worthy. {black & white stripes w/ gold and turquoise accents? Umm…Yes!}

So the video is a quick look 60 second video of my Happy Panner storage case. It was no joke fitting all of this goodness into 60 secs, but I made it happen.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Miss Pettigrew Review YouTube channel! I have so many exciting and creative video ideas for the Pettigrew Crew for this upcoming year, and I want it to be a group effort. If there is a beauty product, subscription box, bauble or accessory or planner goody that you would like reviewed just message me and I’ll be happy to accommodate. So happy to be on this new video adventure together!


Final Thoughts:

I’m so happy that I discovered the Happy Planner and it’s amazing community of planner girls that have been so sun and informative. I’m a firm believer that planner girls and blogging babes should be united. {Enter Miss Pettigrew Review} What blogger doesn’t need to be organized and us beauty bloggers love beautiful organization. And planner girls are all about beauty and ascetically pleasing design. What a marriage right? So good.

You can shop all of these planner pretties HERE on my shop page.

Hope you enjoyed the video and this Top 9 List of Planner Accessories.


What planner accessory would you add to the list?



16 thoughts on “Top 9 list of Must Have Planner Accessories!”

  1. I love this list!! I have most of the stuff that you have listed. I need to pick up a hole punch though. Those pens look pretty neat too I just bought a pack of inkjoy ones I believe.

  2. These are great accessories!
    I have yet to master the planner! I own 2, love them when they’re fresh and new, love writing down my goals…then don’t look at them again!
    I know Icd be much more productive as a blogger, if I could incorporate my planner in my daily routine.
    Any thoughts from you planner junkies would be helpful!

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