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I just had to give a shout out to Serious Skincare and do a quick mini review on their Glycolic Gommage & Glycolic Facial Peel! I just discovered the Serious Skincare line of skincare products when Statusphere sent me some of their products to try and review and I have to say that I was instantly impressed. {Like majorly impressed ladies!} So, let’s jump into the skincare goodness!

Serious Skincare Review

 The Glycolic Gommage Exfoliating Facial:

This first product is a deep cleansing micro-polisher that not only smooths and lifts, but tightens as well. These are some of my favorite words when it comes to my skin and, I noticed a drastic difference in my skin immediately after my first use.

My skin can tend to get pretty dry and textured in areas like my nose and forehead which is a constant annoyance, but I was quite surprised at how smooth and even my skin looked right after use. It really does feel like I’ve just had a very expensive facial at the spa. There are few things that are more relaxing than an impromptu spa day right at home.


Glycolic Extreme Facial Peel:

This second beauty treatment is really magic in a bottle and that’s never a bad thing. It’s an extreme retexturizing peel. OMGoodness! On my first try I put a nice thick layer of this all over my face, neck and & decollete and let it set for 10 mins. After I washed it off I was kind of blown away at the immediate results.

My skin looked bright, tight and fresh. My hunky husband also noticed right away, which is always nice. He said it looked like I had makeup on. What a great beauty treatment to do on no makeup days. Such a score!


Beauty Wrap Up:

My skin is seriously loving this gammoge and facial peel from Serious Skincare! Their ingredients are amazing and the exact percentages they use are proven to improve skin. {My skin is certainly improved!} I love hardworking skincare products that not only smell amazing, but have the best ingredients too, don’t you? So, I must say, these beauty products now belong safely in my favorites category. Thanks Statusphere!

Have you tried gammoge or facial peels at home??



11 thoughts on “Serious Skincare is like a luxury spa day in a bottle!”

  1. Love this review. I’m always scared to use products that include the word peel in it although I know they have such great result. This one sounds great and might just convince me to try it. How often do you have to use this regimen? Does it leave your skin really sensitive afterward? Curious.

  2. Sounds like a great product to use.It is always important to have skin routine to care the skin.With such products,it is easy to do the task than creating natural diy skin protecting scrub,cleanser etc…Great review!

  3. I haven’t tried them but totally need to! Had a mini spa day here today and I could have used some lift and firming. Gravity and the environment have really begun to take a toll on my skin. I have never done a peel like this, and I think it’s about time I should!! Great review.

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