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I was excited when Daily Goodie Box sent me this fun box filled with all kinds of natural and organic free products to try. Happy mail score! It’s always lovely to get free products for being a blogger, YouTuber, Influencer or Reviewer, so I thought I would start a series for the beauty crew and share with you the different programs and products available to bloggers and other kinds of creators. {Don’t forget to subscribe to Miss Pettigrew Review so you don’t miss out}

First up in the series is the Daily Goodie Box:

Daily Goodie Box - Free Products for Bloggers

This box stands out for me because the samples are amazing. This specific box had an all-natural and organic theme that I totally dig! It was filled with all kinds of healthy snacks and pure household items that put a big smile on my face. Let’s dive in!

Best Healthy Energy Drinks - Free Products for Bloggers

Organic and Natural Beverages:

My Daily Goodie Box had all kinds of fun drinks for me to try! The Just Chill Rio Berry was a full sized sample and was my favorite drink in the box. It tastes like a sparkling soda {yum!} and has ingredients that help calm and focus you. Such a great idea right?! I also have to mention that I enjoyed a really peaceful nights sleep after drinking the dream water. I’ll definietly buy more and see if it continues over time.

Jack n' Jill kids natural toothpaste - Free products for Bloggers

All-Natural Kids’ Toothpaste:

This Jack N’ Jill toothpaste was a huge hit with my kids! We usually buy natural toothpaste for my kids, but they often don’t like the taste. This one was raspberry flavored and had a very smooth texture and taste. I love any product that makes my littles want to brush their teeth more!


Best Healthy Snacks - Free Products for Bloggers

Healthy Snacks:

My Daily Goodie Box also had some very yummy healthy snacks! I wasn’t a huge fan of the meat stick, {kind of spongy} but my two toddlers loved it and I will definitely purchase again for them! Also, the raw trail mix was a huge hit with our whole family!


Nellie's All-Natural Laundry Soda - Free Products for Bloggers

All-Natural Laundry Soda:

I was really hoping that this laundry soda and stain remover stick would work wonders on my clothes because I loved the packaging and the simple ingredients. Let me tell ya, I wasn’t disappointed! I washed a few loads and tested the stain stick on a few loads and I was very pleased with the results. The stains came out and my clothes were fresh and clean. I will be purchasing the Nellie’s All-Natural Soda again!

Best Sugar Free Gum - Free Products for Bloggers

Health Sugar Free Gum:

I’m happy to tell you that I found my new chewing gum. I’m a big gum chewer and I can be kind of picky, but I loved this gum. I had never tried it before and I was so happy with the taste and flavor. Also, the ingredients are much better than the other sugar free gum you find at the grocery store!

Final Thoughts:

I’m a big fan of The Daily Goodie Box and I’m also a big fan of getting awesome free goodies for blogging, creating and being an social media “influencer.” I’m happy to share my finds with you in this new series and let me know if you find it helpful!

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