Oh Pettigrew Crew what a great Subscription Box moment. Sephora Play has opened up spots on their box today!!!

Go HERE now! If you don’t get in, you can try the mobile app and if one email doesn’t work, than try another.

I have been on the waitlist for months and I finally signed up today! I had to use the mobile app and try a new email address as well, but I finally signed up for the Sephora Play box. I’m pretty sure when I saw my confirmation I looked something like this:


I will say, I am surprised at how Sephora has handled their box subscription situation. Think about it. I was on the waitlist for months with my email address registered and a promise from Sephora that I would be contacted when a spot had opened up.

Then, one random day (today) I get an alert and go try that same email address and I get a message that I’m still on the waitlist. I try a completely new email address (that wasn’t on the waitlist) and I get right in. SAY WHAT? How many people are still waiting for that email that isn’t coming?

I’m just a bit confused by the whole thing, but none the less I am still excited to receive my first box this month. It looks like an amazing subscription box and you know I’m a bit obsessed. I would love the the Pettigrew Crew to weigh in on this one with your thoughts and let me know if you are able to sign up for your box today!



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Beauty Buzz Questions: Were you on the Sephora Play waitlist? Were you able to get your box today or sooner?

25 thoughts on “Sephora Play Alert! It’s Finally Happened!”

  1. Great post! Any ideas if this service will be available in other countries? Sounds amazing but when I tried the link it says unavailable in Canada. Thanks!

  2. I have been getting these since they launched in September. I also signed up for Macy’s beauty box wait list but that one seems to have faded away.

  3. Have you liked your Sephora boxes?
    This is the Macy’s message about their spotlight box: We’re away for a little bit.
    Thanks for your interest in the Macy’s beauty box subscription program. At this time, enrollment & the wait list are closed.

    But don’t worry, it’s totally worth the wait! We’re busy perfecting the ultimate beauty box subscription program that will be available soon at macys.com.

    We appreciate your patience & continued support— and look forward to having you in our glam squad soon!

    I tried reaching out to talk with someone at Macy’s for more info, but I haven’t heard back yet.

  4. I have enjoyed the Sephora boxes. They always contain a perfume but the only complaint I would have is that they are not customized at all but it hasn’t been much of an issue.

  5. Dear Miss Pettigrew, lovely post as always!
    I also wanted to say that I’ve nominated your for a Liebster award 🙂

  6. Thanks! My second one. I need to do my Liebster award post. Zaychishka you have to come join the Beauty Bloggers Forum I just launched on FB. You can promote your blog and make connections with other beauty bloggers! https://www.facebook.com/groups/beautybloggersforum/

  7. I’m still undecided on this. I got the invite but wasn’t sure if it was worth it?

  8. I will have to get my first Sephora Play box before I can make a judgement call on what I think it’s worth, but when you think about how one drugstore mascara is $10 these days, $10 for a box sent your house full of high end travel size beauty products from Sephora is def worth it for me!

  9. True. I have like 3 Subscriptionboxes lol. What’s another

  10. I just put together a budget for what I can spend a month on subscription boxes and then pick the ones I think I will enjoy the most. If a new one comes out that I want to try, I put an old one on hold or cancel until I decide which box I want to keep. This way I am within my budget, but I can also try all of the boxes I want.

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