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I have to start this review by asking a question. How stinkin’ cute is the box this month? It’s seriously a work of art. The Rifle Paper Co. out did themselves with this beautifully printed box. I love a box that is both beautiful and functional, and this one fits the bill. I honestly would have purchased it with nothing inside of it, but thankfully there was plenty inside of the Birchbox this month. Seven items to be exact, and for $10 a month, I’m once again impressed with Birchbox.

I’m crazy about a good theme and I was very inspired by both the floral Spring-y theme of the Birchbox this month and all of the amazing flowers growing in my garden right now. I thought the two should meet up and when they did, picture magic happened.

On to the Unboxing.

April Birchbox cover + my garden flowers = LOVE!


This sweet little box was waiting in my mailbox this month and it sure did put a smile on my face.



When I opened up the tissue, this pretty little 20% off coupon from Rifle Paper Co. was staring at me. I love Rifle Co. so yes, I already used the code. I bought an awesome calendar that I have some style DIY projects in mind for. (hint hint: Future post )

There was also a little calling card with tips to make cute paper flowers and the back of the card has a product menu.



The product menu was quite full this month, five featured samples and 2 bonus foil samples. I like this menu, because everything is all laid out and explained and it gives you a little more insight into why Birchbox picked the samples they did and how they flow with the theme of the month.



First up on the menu is the Acure Pore Minimizing Facial Scrub 

This is a totally organic brand that has no “yucky” ingredients in its products and all of the good stuff you want like Moroccan red clay and argan stem cell.

It’s a deep reddish color on your fingers, but once you start to gently massage it onto your face, it changes to a white foam and looks like a regular cleanser. It makes my skin softer and I did notice a difference in the appearance of my pores. I’m a fan of this brand and this facial scrub.



There has been a lot of buzz about the Benefit Cosmetics The Porefessional  and for good reason. I can’t get enough of this stuff. I love any product that can make the pores on my nose, cheeks and forehead look smaller and this product delivers.

When I was testing all of the products in my April Birchbox for this unboxing, I washed my face with the Acure facial scrub and then I used this pore minimizing lotion from Benefit. The two together are like a little pore killing super hero duo! I was so thrilled with the results. It gives a matte finish to my skin without drying it out and I feel confident wearing this with no foundation or powder on low or no-makeup days.

I have used other pore minimizers in the past and this is definitely my new favorite.


Next up is the  Davines Oi Multi Benefit Beauty Treatment All In One Milk  

I have mixed emotions about this product. It definitely gave my hair some great shine and a little extra curl definition to my hair, which is awesome, but the smell. THE SMELL! It smells very strongly of baby powder and rose. This is not a scent that I prefer my hair to smell like {nor one I ever thought my hair would smell like} and I found it rather odd and a bit over powering.

For those of you who have used this product before, I would love your thoughts on the smell. But, I will say it has my hair looking on point. So I will use up the sample, but I just don’t know if I could purchase in the future when this smell is part of the deal. What do you think?



The bonus samples were this shampoo and conditioner duo Davines Absolute Beautifying Oi Shampoo  & Davines Oi Absolute Beautifying Conditioner

These are by the same brand as the hair milk above and…you guessed it, the SAME smell. My whole shower had a strong baby powder scent, which is so funny because a shower is well, wet by nature and baby powder is quite dry. This tripped me out a bit.

Again, loved what the products did for my hair. My hair was soft, light and shiny; just what I’m looking for in a shampoo and conditioner, but the smell is just hard for me to live with. I will mention that this is just my humble opinion of course. There are a ton of reviews out there with people gushing over how good these products smell. It’s just not my cup of tea. {I wish it smelled more like tea or fruit or anything but powder}


Next we have a perfume oops I mean parfum Juliette Has A Gun Not a Perfume  

I really dig this smell. It’s spicy and kind of woodsy, which is not a scent I usually go for. This is another reason why I love receiving Birchbox. I really enjoy sampling products that I would have never bought and finding that I actually really love them.

I will say that this fragrance is on the expensive side and I would probably look to buy this scent on sale sometime.


The Beauty Corp PBJ Smoothie Stick

Birchbox saved my favorite for last. I love receiving lip products in beauty boxes and I was excited to find this little cutie in the box. It’s a FULL size creamy lip crayon, which is awesome.

The smell is quite yummy. So yummy, that I have a hard time not wanting to have a little nibble. It smells like a fruit smoothie and has the cutest packaging ever. Smoothie blenders? I can’t even.

The color is a really pretty, bright pink that goes on my lips a bit too bright. {This happens often with my lips because they are naturally light pink already} My solution is to coat my lips with a nude/brown lip liner first and then apply this crayon. It has a nice matte finish, but I think I like it even better when I added a little gloss to it. It’s such a fun color I feel it looks better glossy.


This is my second month of Birchbox. I really liked March’s box, but April’s box is even better. I love the variety of samples and the size of the samples are really good. {including a full size chubby lipstick pencil} The standouts in this box for me are the Smoothie stick and Benefit’s POREfessional, and the facial scrub and parfum made me happy as well.

I’m so glad that I signed up for Birchbox and I’m already looking forward to May’s box. If you want to sign up to receive your own May Birchbox click HERE!


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  1. I love your blog.!! Love the name of it too..so cute! I am so glad I met you on twitter..! I love that PORE professional..I have it and use it a lot..good stuff, benefit is the best!! That lip crayon looks yummy too…good enough to eat!!

    Have a great day!


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