I don’t know about your kids, but mine LOVE getting their faces painted. We attend a ton of fairs, festivals and carnivals throughout the year and our little tots are always clamoring to get their faces painted with flowers and superheros. It’s great when the face painting is free or inexpensive, but often when we pay to get our kids’ faces painted we spend way too much. “You want $10 per child (we have 4) to put a dragon on their cheek that will wash off in an hour?” Yes, and sadly we have paid it.

Recently, a few of my friends bought face painting sets to use for parties and playtime and I thought this was a stellar idea. I’m a stay at home mommy of four and I’m always looking for fun, educational and inexpensive activities to do with my kids. Hey, and if my little ones are getting their faces painted all of the time by Mommy, maybe they won’t be so excited over the $10 face paint lady at the fair. Ha. We’ll have to see.



So, I decided to try my hand at home face painting and I ordered this Blue Squid Face Painting Kit  My kids and I were thrilled when when we received it a few days ago. It was an instant hit with my littles for sure.

There are 12 super bright and pigmented colors in the kit and they come in little trays that you can snap on or off of the palette. I thought this was a great little touch, because you can arrange the colors how you like and I’m assuming you can refill the ones you use up. {I’m still waiting to hear back on that question.}

The paints are very bright and look beautiful on the skin. They also wipe off fairly easily, but my son’s cheek did have a light stain after he’d worn his design for hours, but it came off later with soap and water.

I did notice that a few of the paints are different consistencies in my kit. Some are a bit dry and others are very soft. Not sure if this happened during shipping or what, but in the end it wasn’t that big of a deal and the paint goes on evenly and looks great.


I love that these paints are safe for my kids’ skin because they are non-toxic, FDA-approved, hypoallergenic and paraben-free. This is a must right? Um, yes.

Here are a few photos of my first face painting effort. I know, what master pieces right? My daughter wanted a flower and my son is a super hero fan. I’m no artist, but I had so much fun with this one and my kids thought my creations were awesome. That’s what counts. {don’t look at my crooked flower stem and wobbly circles.}



My Babes have already told me that they want me to do this at both of their birthday parties. I better keep practicing because my talents are in high demand.


Overall, I’m very happy with this Blue Squid Face Painting Kit and my kids and I will get a lot of use out of it. This is such a great activity to do with my kids and it makes them feel special. It’s also an activity that my two oldest (4 and 6) can do together, supervised of course! I’ve only had this kit for a few days and we’ve already gotten a lot of use and fun out of it. Awesome product and a big hit in our household.

{I received this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review & my links are part of the amazon associates program, but my opinions are all my own}



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