If you have kids, then you know what sweet and adorable little mess makers they are, especially the toddler variety. With a family of four small kiddos, milk, water and juice spills are a regular component to our day. Any product that can prove useful in combating the spillage, is a product that I’m interested in.



So, when I came across these O-Sip Silocone Sippy Lids, I was delighted to test and review this cute little trio.

I found that there are 3 situations that these lids really shine and I’m excited to share them with you Pettigrew Crew.


Scenario 1:

Can I just tell you how many sippy cups we have that have become lid-less? My fellow Mommies know what I’m talkin’ about. Lids get busted, chewed on, cracked, lost and so on. Over the years, quite a few of them have been thrown out are disappeared into sippy heaven. What we are left with is a ton (for us, like 10) of lonely sippy cups with no tops. They stay sadly on the shelf waiting for their turn to make it into the lid rotation once in a while.

These O-Sip sippy lids are the answer to all of our sippy cup problems. Yes!

Here’s a a princess sippy that had no top and is now paired with a pink O-Sip sippy lid. My daughter was starry eyed when I gave her this, and now asks to drink out of it all of the time.


Scenario 2:

Another situation that these sippy lids shine in is family restaurant visits. Most restaurants have some sort of kids cup, but often they have a flimsy plastic lid and straw combo goin’ on. This is fine for big kids, but can be a fiasco with the toddler set. Many a time we have tried to give one of our toddlers these cups only to have them knock them over and the lid comes off or tip them upside down and the liquid spills everywhere.

Again, the Sip-O slicone sippy lids are a perfect solution. They take up very little space in your diaper bag or purse and you can whip them out and cover those restaurant kids cups in a flash. Done!


Scenario 3:

The last usage that I want to mention, that is great for our family. Is when we have a special “big kids” cup that one of our toddlers really NEEDS to drink out of. No problem, I just put one of  these Sip-O lids on and my little ones can drink away. No tears or gnashing of teeth, and no spills.


As you can probably tell from my review, I love these lids. They are so convenient and they help prevent spills in lots of different situations. They are made of a very durable silicone and the don’t leak even when tipped upside town. The suction they create is very tight and secure.



One word of caution I will give, is that they took me and my husband a little getting used to. The first couple of times we used them, we found that we were the ones making the spills as we tried to wrangle the silicone lid over the cup of liquid.

If you try to use both hands to widen the lid and then place it over the cup, it’s easy for the cup to tip because, well you don’t have a third hand to hold the cup. What we found, was that if you sort of slide and inch the sippy lid over the top of the cup with one hand, while still holding the cup with the other, it’s much easier. If your cup has a very wide mouth this sippy lid might not fit at all.

Also, make sure to pull the lid all of the way down over the cup as far as you can to insure that there isn’t too much are in the top, because this can cause the Sip-O lid to sink in and make it hard for you child to drink out of it. If it’s on nice and tight, it works like a charm.

I haven’t had a chance to travel with these yet, but you better believe, they will be coming along with us on our next trip. Just genius.

I give these 5 Stars for their cute design, innovation, convenience and for simply adding to my quality of {mom} life! You can get your O-Sip Silicone Sippy Lids HERE. {I received this product in exchange for my honest review}


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  1. Omgosh! I just realized that I actually HAVE the straw version of this!! I got it before Brody was even born because I thought it looked cool! Ha need to find it because he’s 16 months and we haven’t used it yet!

    Xox Dana Ivy // http://www.iadorewhatilove.com

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