Rootie the Rootlifter Review

So excited to share with the Pettigrew Crew my new favorite hair tool: Rootie the Rootlifter!

When I was offered this new beauty product to test and review I was immediately equal parts intrigued and sceptical. I thought the structure of it was interesting {looks similar to a flatiron tool}, and I couldn’t wait to see if it actually worked. {but was wondering if it could live up to the hype} I’m glad to say that I was happily surprised.

Let’s get to the good stuff and jump right in!

Rootie the Rootlifter Review

Rootie the Rootlifter

Rootie The Rootlifter is a NEW volumizing iron for your hair by Voloom. Instead of flattening your hair like a flatiron does, it has these beveled platforms that create volume pockets in the under layers of your hair.

Rootie the Rootlifter


  1. You part your hair in the middle and pin back the top sections so they remain smooth and untreated.
  2. You clap the root lifting tool on your hair close to your scalp. DON’T pull Rootie through your hair.
  3. Then you just repeat on more layers on your hair and style as normal when done.

Hair Volumizing Tool

The Details

Rootie the Rootlifter has different heat settings for different types of hair. So you can easily find the right tempeture for you. It locks for closed for storage and has an automatic turn off after 30 mins. {a feature that’s saved me more than once with heating tools}

Rootie the Rootlifter before and after pics Rootie the Rootlifter before and after pics

My Results

The advertizing for this product says that it’s perfect for short to medium length hair, so you can imagine that I was wondering if it was going to do anything at all for my very long hair. {You can’t see it in these before and after pics, but it’s all the way down my back}

I was so happily surprised that it gave me just the perfect amount of volume that I wanted.

Final Thoughts

Rootie the Rootlifter is a super easy and quick tool to use. It seriously only took about 10 minutes for this before and after shoot. I should mention that if I want more volume I can achieve that with more time, but I am happy with my results here and I used a low heat setting as well.

And… probably my favorite part is that the volume lasts for days! I was expecting my hair to flatten quickly, but it doesn’t. I also love that this means I don’t have to use a lot of expensive products and chemicals on my scalp for voluminous hair and I can go longer between shampoos! SO GOOD!

Here’s the amazon link: Shop Rootie on Amazon!
Here’s the Voloom site to watch a video tutorial: Rootie Demonstration Video!

Hey, Pettigrew Crew! Let me know your thoughts on this new hair tool. Do you want more volume in your hair??

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*This product was sent to me for review purposes. The opinions are my own as always. This article contains affiliate links.

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