Free products for Influencers is quite the hot topic. As the founder of the Beauty Bloggers Forum on Facebook {3500+ bloggers, youtubers & influencer members} I often get asked which Influencer marketing programs offer free products & collaborations. There are quite a few Influencer programs & groups to join, but not all Influencer marketing programs are created equally. That’s why I’ve launched this series to give you the rundown on the top Influencer Marketing Agencies and what they have to offer!

Free Products for Influencers: Statusphere

Free Products for Influencers

Today, I’m focusing on one of my favorite Influencer Marketing Programs for Instagram: Statusphere!

Statusphere is an exclusive marketplace where brands and influencers connect. Many of their Influencers are hand-picked! {I was excited when Miss Pettigrew Review was invited into the program & I’ve been an active member since they launched} However, there is an application process and I have some awesome beauty blogging friends who’ve been accepted upon request. Here’s the application link: Join Statusphere!

What Statusphere is looking for in an Influencer: authentic and active following, produce quality niche content, and uphold brand quality standards.

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Each month as a Statusphere Influencer I’m emailed a menu of products for that month and I am allowed to choose the products that I’m excited about and feel my Instagram followers would enjoy learning about. Then it’s “Happy Mail” time and I receive my personal {and pretty} StatusBox, packed with all of the free products that I’ve chosen.

Another cool part, Statusphere handles all influencer correspondence, management, product shipping, and post verification. I simple make my choices and Statusphere handles the rest!

Once I have tested my fabulous products, then I post them to instagram with the designated tags and hashtags and Statusphere reports back to the brands. I really enjoy how professional, organized and easy the whole process is.


First up is the Shaklee YOUTH Skincare Set! This skincare program is 100% vegan and cruelty free and is an anti-aging skincare routine that is all about prevention. Plus, it’s one of the most beautifully packaged skincare lines that I’ve ever seen and that’s always a bonus.

Free Products for Influencers-Shaklee YOUTH Skincare Free Products for Influencers-Shaklee YOUTH Skincare

Free Products for Influencers-Shaklee YOUTH Skincare

Mini Review on the Shaklee Youth set:

  1. The Youth Activating BB Cream. Pros: Love the ingredients and how smoothly the product goes on. It’s sheer, but covers beautifully and makes my skin look naturally smooth and even. Con: None really, except I’d like to see a wider range of shades.
  2. The Youth Activating Serum. Pros: The ingredients are again amazing. I mean come on, apple cell and Lotus Japonicus? So at home spa day! Plus, it smells wonderful. Also, not oily. I love a good face serum, but don’t like my face to feel oily. Con: A bit sticky. It doesn’t feel sticky on, but can feel slightly tacky to the touch.
  3. The Radiance C+E. Pros: My favorite product in the group! First of all, I can’t stop staring at these beautiful little gold droplets. They look so perfect on my bathroom counter. I love that you twist off the top and can quickly squeeze out the exact amount you need. 20% pure vitamin C and vitamin E is just so great for my skin as well. Con: Not a one!

Free Products for Influencers-Shaklee YOUTH Skincare

The Perfect Gift

Next up, is my Occasion Station Gift Package. This is a personal shopper program that is innovative and so much fun! They sent me a handpicked gift and access to their gift hub, where I can set reminders for special occasions like birthdays & weddings. In their gift hub they offer custom gift ideas for each event. You can also join their personal shopping program where they will pick and ship your products for you. So fun.

I was sent these three fabulous throw pillows. So perfect for a beauty blogger to lounge in style. They also make for great photo props for my blog and Instagram photos!

Free Products for Influencers-Occasion Station Gifts

Free Products for Influencers-Occasion Station Gifts

Free Products for Influencers-Occasion Station Gifts

Gorgeous Voluminous Locks

Lastly, is this volumizing iron from Voloom. I did a full review of this Rootie the Rootlifter hair tool HERE! I’m a bit obsessed with this hair volumizing wonder and you can check out my before and after hair pics in my blog post. So good.

Free Products for Influencers-Rootie the Rootlifter

Final Thoughts

In Conclusion, I’m such a Statusphere fan! I love the awesome products they send me each month for being a valued Influencer in their program. Every month I get to choose from a menu of amazing gifts! All I have to do is take a few photos and let my Miss Pettigrew Review followers know my thoughts on these products. It’s an amazing Influencer program for Instagram. I highly recommend applying for it if you’re an Instagram Influencer with an eye for style.

P.S. I love free products for Influencers! This month’s products were valued at over $400. 

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*These products were sent to me for review purposes. The opinions are my own as always. 

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  1. It is so important for me as a new blogger to learn about these programs. These products look amazing, especially The Radiance C+E. Vitamin C is great for the skin, I love using it in the night.

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