I’m all about creating rejuvenating spa days at home, and I’m super excited to share my 7-Step Holiday Skincare Routine with you. These seven steps are inspired by a popular 10-Step Korean beauty regimen, but they’re less timely, and still maintain that luxurious spa day feel.

For those of you who feel that 7 steps are still a bit much, two of the steps are only necessary about twice a week and the last two steps can be combined. However, I find that instead of my skincare routine being a chore I have to check off my list of to-dos, it has transformed into a moment to pamper myself by nurturing my skin. It’s become one of the highlights of my day.

Holiday Skincare Routine

Holiday skincare routine


All seven skincare products I’ll be using to demonstrate come from the gorgeous L’ORPUR skincare line which is an essential oils brand that uses all-natural, ultra-lux ingredients, creating the perfect products for my spa day joy.


l'orpur review

Cleanser removes makeup and other debris. And like the Korean Skincare Regimen, I’m a big believer in oils in my cleanser.

I love how gentle this L’ORPUR cleansing lotion is. It has jojoba oils, which can remove any makeup. Bonus! Plus, it smells like berries and cream {dreamy} and has natural ingredients that are great for any skin type. It cleans my skin removes in a gentle and hydrating fashion, but doesn’t leave an oily residue. It’s good for sensitive skin too and is definitely spa day approved.


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I love exfoliation because it’s one of those instant gratification skincare tricks that shows a visible improvement to your skin in just one use. Which, HELLO, is awesome!

This purifying volcanic exfoliator from L’ORPUR is kind of the bomb, and not just because I’m a bit of an exfoliation addict. It has dual cleansing power as well. This is great because it combines two of the steps in the more lengthy Korean skincare regimine that calls for cleansing your face twice and then using an exfoliator. And, it’s one of the steps that is only needed twice a week.

Step 3: TONER

holiday skincare routine

After all of that cleansing and exfoliating, toner is a way to hydrate and bring balance back to your skin. It also has the added benefit of helping your skin to absorb all of the goodness that comes in the next steps.

This Rich Anti-Oxidant Toner from L’ORPUR is my new favorite toner hands down. It has organic pomegranate juice & vitamin C and smells like a rosewood dream! Kind of enough said am I right? I mean it’s hard to get more spa day than a toner that has an aromatherapeutic scent. {this is where L’ORPURS essential oils benefits really shine}

Step 4: SERUM

korean beauty skincare routine

The right serum can really make your skin glow-y and bright. Now that’s holiday cheer.

Different serums can address different skin issues and aren’t a necessary step in the Korean skincare regimen. However, this silky hydrating serum can have anti-aging benefits when used over time.  And, for those of us with dry skin and in need of  a little pore shrinkage {hand raised} it’s kind of a bff!

Step 5: MASK

holiday skincare routine

A facial mask is a quintessential element to any spa day and is really a fun pampering step in my skincare routine.  There are tons of different types of facial masks, {I should know, I’ve tried about a million of them} but I find my favorites to be ones that hydrate and give life to my skin.

L’ORPUR’s Nutrient-Rich Fruit Mask doesn’t disappoint. It’s ingredients read like a tropical fantasy: Mango Butter, Vitamin C, rainforest source Brazilian Fruit and African Shea Butters to name a few. I also adore how this mask firms my skin without an overly tight feel while it’s drying.

Step 6: OIL


This is one of my favorite steps. I never used to use oil on my skin because I was always afraid of having oily looking skin, but now that I understand how oil works, I’m such a believer. The right oil treatments can be great for dry and oily skin alike because they can moisturize dry skin why getting rid of the excess oil your skin produces. {Which means it works of combo skin too} It’s kind of magical right?

This Premium Age-Defy Oil is super soothing and can visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. So Spa Day! Also, you can again skip this step by adding a few drops of the oil directly into your moisture with is the last step. {oops! spoiler alert}


L'orpur skincare review

organic skincare

This last step of using a moisturizer/face cream is all about locking in all of the hydration and benefits you just showered on your skin. It’s such a vital step for soft, pretty skin, but it also has an amazing anti-aging component that I can’t emphasize enough.

This Deep Moisturizing Cream from L’ORPUR is just perfection. If I had to choose just one of the L’ORPUR natural skincare products, this would be it. It’s deeply hydrates my skin while also getting rid of toxins. It’s so rich and lux that it has to be the perfect way to end my nightly spa-day regimen.

Also, can we just take a moment to talk about the packaging and color of this product? PINK! I had to give this cream an extra close up pic so we can appreciate the pretty!

FINAL THOUGHTS + Discount Code!

L'orpur Review

So, this is my cozy, spa-day holiday skincare routine done. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a busy day. {which let’s face it are most days in this fun season} Instead of rushing through a slap it on my face and go to bed regimine, I now really enjoy my skincare routine. I take the time to relax and nourish my skin at the end of the day. It also has a calming and peaceful quality that even helps me get to sleep easier. And best of all, it’s improving my skin and offers an anti-aging element.

I want to thank L’ORPUR for sending me this ultra-lux and natural skincare line. If you read my reviews, then you know that I always have a few negatives to throw in with the positives of the products I test, but it’s just not the case with these products and that’s legit. I’m really excited about this skincare line and I’m a huge fan!

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  1. I love multi-step skincare routines. They really help me feel like I’m taking care of my skin!! I agree- toner is a must, and I’ve always been afraid of oils, too. I’ll have to try them now. This line looks luxurious!

  2. I would love to try out some of these products! Especially that cleanser! I have very dry skin and the crazy cold weather lately is killing me! So anything with oils is very helpful!

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