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I’ve got a great new beauty box to unbox and review for you. If you’re a lip lover or you just love playing around with new lip products, then Lip Monthly is your box.

I was so excited when I discovered that there was a monthly subscription solely devoted to lip products. I’m obsessed with lip balm & lip moisturizer and I’ve really been into experimenting with lots of fun colors on my lips these days. For a while I was a simple lip gloss girl, but when matte lipsticks busted in on the makeup scene, I started to branch out. Now, I’m kind of hooked on bold lip color and my makeup collection is filled with a rainbow of lip products.

So, when I heard of a half off deal on the Lip Monthly subscription, I jumped on it. {You can get the deal too at the bottom of the post}


The Beauty of the Box:

With Lip Monthly you get 4-5 full sized deluxe lip products every month. I like that you get to check out all kinds of great lip products and experiment with new brands, colors and products. It’s a great way to find products that you adore, but might not have ever purchased on your own.

Every month {you can also choose to get a bag every other month} you receive a cute little makeup bag of $35-$55 worth of niche and well known brands of lip products for $12.95 a month and shipping is free worldwide.

Let’s jump into unboxing May’s Lip Monthly box {Well, it’s more of a bag, but an “unbagging” doesn’t really have the same ring to it}


My May goodies came in this really adorable little makeup bag. I love yellow flowers for spring and I really liked the small size of this bag. It’s perfect to throw in my purse without taking up too much space. I can use it for my on the go makeup items like lipstick, face spray and perfume sticks. Perfect.


These are the 4 full sized lip products that I received in my May bag: A glossy lip stain, a cheek and lip gel, a lipstick & a lip moisturizer. {All for $6.50 with the discount code}


First up is the Liplocked Priming Gloss Stain by Manna Kadar. I got the shade Manna Babe. I was hoping this color wouldn’t go on too dark and I was so happy when it didn’t. I really love this deep hot pink color.

I like to switch back and forth between matte and glossy lips to give my lips a break from the drying effects of matte lipstick and to have variety in my looks, and this gloss stain fits perfectly into my glossy lips rotation. It’s shinny and hydrating and such a great color for spring and summer. Warning: Don’t wear this lip product if you prefer to be a wall flower, because it’s pretty eye catching. {My husband loves it}


This little firecracker is the Jello Shot Rosy Cheek and Lip Gel by So Susan. This is in the shade hang over, but before you pass out over this very bright orange color, let me tell you about “heat shift.”

This product has technology, as they put it, to instantly transform into a rosy looking flush when it makes contact with your skin according to your body temperature. Pretty fascinating right? You put a few dots on your lips and cheeks and tap lightly with your fingers and the orange color transforms into a very natural looking pink-y glow.

I adore this on my cheeks. It doesn’t look like blush at all. It looks like I have a natural blush and I think it makes me look a bit younger, which is never bad. I’m still playing around with it on my lips, but so far by itself, it’s a bit too light pink for me. I do, however, like it over the top of darker shades.

Such a fun product. Really lovin’ this one.


This little baby is Ecotints Natural Glistening Lip Moisturizer by Eco Lips. It’s in the shade Sugar Plum and I’m in love yet again. {Can you tell this has been a great box for me?}

My lips can get really dry due to my slightly dry complexion and the very dry Central California climate I live in. So, I’m always hydrating my lips. I’ve tried a ton of different lip balms and moisturizers and this is one of my new favs. It keeps my lips soft and I love that it has a sheer tint to it. For once, the tint doesn’t turn light pink on me either. It’s a cranberry shade that is so light and natural looking on my lips, but still adds a bit of rosy color. Just awesome.

It also smells like sugary, minty gum and tingles just a bit on my lips. I like that it is cruelty free as well. Just a winning product for me all around.


Last, is a Lipstick by Dirty Little Secret in the shade Guilty Pleasure.

It’s a pretty pink color that looks very bold in the tube, but on, it’s a shade that is more pretty than super bold. I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this one. It’s not matte, so it does transfer and it’s not long wearing, so you’ll want to carry it with you for re-application. It does feel good on my lips and it’s a flattering color that will look great with a lot of looks.


Final Thoughts:

Lip Monthly is a really great monthly beauty box that is full of surprise and fun. I really enjoyed opening up my little makeup bag and finding 4 full size beauty products that I had never heard of before and discovering that I liked all of them. It’s hard to pick stand outs because they are all so good, but if I had to pick one, it would be the Jello shot stain because it’s such a cool and unique product, but I am also in love with the Ecotints moisturizer as well. If you’re a lip product junkie, you should get this bag.

To order your Lip Monthly subscription click HERE Use code “50OFF” to get your June Bag for 50% off! That means you can get a bag like this one for under $7. That’s kind of amazing. You can also cancel or suspend your subscription at any time.

{This is not a sponsored post and I paid for this subscription}

Beauty Buzz Question: What do you think of Lip Monthly?




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39 thoughts on “If you’re a lip lover, then Lip Monthly is your Subscription Box!”

  1. Wow! Sounds like a great subscription! Wonder if I can get this in the UK? I love lip products! Awesome price too! Great review. Look forward to seeing more from you.
    Zoe Beau
    Come see me at beaufoujewellerybox.wordpress.com

  2. That Jello Shot gel is so interesting! I haven’t tried something designed for lips and face before, but I like that you said it doesn’t even look like blush.

  3. Cheek stain and cream blush are my favorite. My skin can lean to the dry side and powder on my cheeks can just add to it. I love this stain because its not drying and it really does look like natural color. I love it!

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