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Today I bring you a super fun family oriented subscription box! Family Movie Club sent me one of their amazing boxes to unbox and review, and I’m so excited to share the goodness with all of you. And, can I just say, my kiddies were over the moon for this box of course.

Let’s jump in!

This cute little red box was waiting for me in my mailbox and I was so intrigued to tear it open and see what was inside. I knew nothing ahead of time, which I think for a box like this, just adds to the excitement.


This is the awesome goodness that was waiting for me inside! Can you say childhood classic amazing-ness?


I loved watching Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as a kid. With the exception of the creepy boat scene, that is. If you’ve seen the movie, then you know what I’m talkin’ about! {a skip worthy scene for my young tots for sure}

I have great memories of watching this imaginative flick with my grandmother, so it really brings back good vibes for me! Also, it has a lot of iconic scenes and objects in the movie, so it’s a really great choice to surround a movie night around. Lot’s of opportunities for creativity for the box, and Family Movie Club took full advantage of these wonderful opportunities.

IMG_7245a (1)

The movie is all about a handful of lucky children who win a visit to an exclusive and fantastical chocolate factory by way of finding a golden ticket in their Wonka bar. I really appreciate that Family Movie Club made a custom Wonka bar complete with one shiny golden ticket for my family to enter Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory together. So good.


My kids favorite item in the box was for sure these “Wonka Vision” glow-in-the-dark glasses. Another great scene in the movie surrounds Wonka Vision, so this was just genius. My kids grabbed their glasses and ran to a dark closet to see these babies glow right away.

How fun to have glowing little faces during our movie! Plus, I will add these glasses are great quality and glow very strongly.


Who can forget the “everlasting gobstopper” candies from the movie? This was a fun touch and my kids were quite happy to see candy in the box. We don’t usually give our kids much candy, but we allow it on occasion, because hey, it’s fun and it’s their childhood.


These suckers are pretty good look-alike for the everlasting gobstoppers as well. Plus, they are so bright and colorful. Love them.


Lastly, what family movie night is complete without popcorn?! Not ours. I love these little popcorn bags and I have used them in the past. They turn ordinary popcorn into an event and each of my kids can have their own bag. Saves issues during the movie and looks cute. Win.


Final Thoughts: 

Such a great box. I love anything that helps bring my family together to make memories of our own. Family Movie Club box is great for summer. How fun to get a new surprise movie and treat every month of the summer. Love it.

My family really enjoyed the experience, fun and memories that this box creates. Thanks Family Movie Club for the opportunity to enjoy your fun subscription box. It was a real joy!

Special Offer:

Guess what Pettigrew Crew? 10 of my lucky readers will receive 50% off on their first Family Movie Club box when they use my personalized coupon code: MISSPETTIGREW  The code will be good for 10 uses. {first come, first serve}

You can subscribe to Family Movie Club here: familymovieclub.cratejoy.com  The normal monthly box subscription is $24.95 a month.

{I received this product in exchange for my honest review}



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