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I was thrilled when the {very innovative} people of Carved reached out to me and sent me one of their amazing phone cases to review. Carved specializes in wood carved phones, but they also dabble in materials like shell and even recycled skate boards. {that’s kind of awesome}

I had planned on choosing one of their wood cases, but instantly fell in love with the New Zealand Paua Shell case and decided to choose it instead.


I was happy to receive this fun and creative package in the mail and when I saw the little square of shell peaking out I couldn’t wait to open it.


Inside the packaging there were some little paper goodies for me. I’m a sucker for the little personal touches don’t ya know? I appreciated the stickers, info cards and photographed thank you card. I love the thought that goes into the customer care of well run small businesses. I’m a fan.


The inside of the case is black on the bottom and has the Carved logo with signatures of the artists and the website.


The back of the case is this gorgeous New Zealand Paua Shell that just does magical things when it reflects light. So many beautiful colors and I’m a color addict. It’s true.

The texture of the shell is nice too. It feels slightly rustic and organic. {which I love} I will say though because there is no material covering the shell, I hope that the delicate material of the shell can stand up to my iphone abuse. Fingers crossed!


The front of the case is clear and simple, which I prefer in a phone case.


I also wanted clear sides because I have a rose gold phone that can be seen underneath the case. I chose the rose gold because I loved the color and my previous phone case covered it up almost completely. So this was a score.


The top and bottom of the phone is mostly open with the case protruding on the sides for protection. As you can see this isn’t the most heavy duty {super protector} phone case, but it’s the kind of case that I gravitate towards. It’s not bulky or heavy and has a sleek, streamline feel. Carved has a traveler series that looks like it offers more protection.


Here’s a wood case I had my eye on.


Can you believe this case is made with recycled skateboard?

Final Thoughts:

I’m smitten with this phone case. It just puts a smile on my face and makes me happy. It fits very well on my iphone 6 plus phone and I can tell the people at Carved took their time making sure the fit for each type of phone was perfect. It also snaps on easily and feels pretty light.

On the Carved.com website you can also choose a feature to help design a customized phone case with graphics of your choosing. Pretty sweet.

Overall, I think Carved is a stellar brand with a strong work ethic & amazing creativity and it shows in their cases. Below is a short little video about Carved that I thought was fun and done really well, so I decided to include it.

Style Buzz: What do you think of these amazing Carved cases?



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71 thoughts on “Review of my gorgeous handcrafted iphone case from Carved!”

  1. This case is so pretty– the iridescent shell is so eye-catching and works well with the rose-gold hue. Finding a case that didn’t cover up my rose gold iPhone was a bit of a challenge for me, too. I ended up getting a case that’s mostly clear and has cute strawberries.

    Thanks for the wonderful, in-depth review!


  2. So here we are a year later and I am wondering how well the New Zealand Paua Shell case by Carved held up? Was it durable or did the shell flake off? It is beautiful and is still available from Carved. I am wondering if I should order it.

  3. After a year of using this case I have to say that I’m still just so smitten. It looks as lovely and new as the day I received it. I can’t change out my phone case for longer than a couple of weeks without missing this one and putting it back on. I mostly just use this one and love it so much! I will have to update this post with pics of how it looks today!

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