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I have a thing for cute bags and diaper bags are no exceptions. With four kids 7 and under, you can imagine how many diaper bags I have purchased over the years, {A lot} and all of them have been colorful and girly.

Some have been amazing bags and others well, not so much. They’ve been different shapes, sizes, textures and colors, but can you guess what the one thing is they all had in common? My husband’s deep dislike of carrying any of them, that’s what!

This is always a problem when I need his help lightening the load or when he takes the kids somewhere without me, but now I’ve found our perfect solution!

Enter the “Jesse” Diaper Bag Backpack from Cheeky Tummy.img_9952aThe “Jesse” diaper bag backpack is durable, black and has over 10 compartments! Yes, you heard me right Mamas. The Jesse has 11 (12 if you count the changing pad pocket) well made and well thought out compartments for storing all of your baby/kid items.

The cool part is that a lot of these compartments are on the outside of the backpack as well, so you don’t even have to open the main compartment to grab things you need in a hurry like wipes, diapers and bottles. I so love this feature!img_9985aThe main compartment of the Jesse has two very thick and sturdy zippers and both can be unzipped to offer you a nice wide opening when you need to get items at the bottom of your bag.

I never like sticking my hand into a dark and cavernous cave why I aimlessly search around for baby butt paste or chapstick do you? And some of my previous diaper bags have had me on just such goose chases. Not so with the Jesse. img_9945aThe Jesse diaper backpack is made from high quality polyester and has a soft and sleek look to it, but you can tell it is very durable material that’s going to stand up to all of the use and abuse our family of six can do to a diaper bag! {again, a lot}img_9988I’ve never had a diaper back before. I’ve always opted for a tote or cross body styled diaper bag. I like the look of diaper bags for sure, but one issue that I do have with them is that they tend to slip.

If I’ve got a diaper bag on my shoulder and I have to bend over to pick up a toddler or put an infant seat into the car, my diaper bag sometimes slides off my shoulder or even smacks me in the face {it’s happened several times} Often I will have to put my diaper bag down in these situations and there isn’t always a clean spot to do so, which has also led to my bags getting soiled more quickly.

I have to say I love having both of my hands free with a diaper backpack and have the bag stay securely on my back. It’s so very handy I tell ya!img_9947aLet’s talk about the 11 glorious compartments, eight of which, are on the outside of the Jesse. How cool is that? Again, Cheeky Tummy got it right. Even with a nice deep opening to the main compartment, it can still take a little time to take the backpack off and open it all the way up to reach what you need. With this diaper backpack you don’t have to. I can stash all of my high use items on the outside of the bag and reach them quickly and easily.img_9962aThe top zippered compartment is collapsible and is perfect for something small like this on-the-go organic baby food pack or something with a little more bulk like a baby outfit. img_9966aThis insulated bottle compartment is just perfect. It is wide and long and can fit any type of bottles. I personally love Avent bottles, and they happen to be short and chubby. I’ve had more than one diaper bag that had a bottle holder too narrow to fit them. This bottle holder can fit two of my bottles on top of each other. Bonus! Also, the insulation is really well made and keeps your cold sippy cups cold and your warm bottles warm. So good.img_9967aTo the inside of the bottle holder is a larger zippered pocket that is perfect for holding diapers. img_9954aMy favorite compartment is on the outer right side of the bag. I just think it’s so innovative and smart. It’s a wipe holder and it has an opening so that you can grab wipes out without even having to unzip it. Genius!

I don’t know about you Mamas and Dads, but our family uses wipes for everything {it’s almost an addiction} and it’s our most reached for diaper bag item by far, so how stoked was I to find this fun little compartment?img_9958aI mean this takes handiness to a whole other level and I like it!img_9972aLet’s move on to the inside of the Jesse backpack. There is a flat zippered compartment right at the top that perfectly holds keys, a wallet, and my iphone 6 plus even fits in there. I always prefer keeping my valuables on the inside of the big compartment so that they are more protected.

It also has a pouch for the changing pad and two twin pouches for things like bibs, food or small sippy cups.img_9978aimg_9979aChanging pads are a must have in any diaper bag and this one is light, sturdy and well made.img_9997aThe Jesse also came with this sundry bag which was a nice little bonus item I wasn’t expecting. These are so handy to have because they are waterproof and will hold any leaky item your diaper bag might posses. {all day every day right?}img_9995aI also have to mention just how comfy this bag is. It has a very thick layer of padding at the back of the backpack and super padded shoulder straps. It doesn’t hurt my back or shoulders and is constructed in such a way that makes the diaper backpack feel lighter than it actually is.img_9994aIt has a small handle at the top of the backpack that you can use when storing the bag. The strap could be more padded, but it seems sturdy and hopefully like it will hold up.img_9993aAnother important feature is the two stroller traps at either side of the top of the backpack. This is just so necessary for us when we go on long walks and trips. We can hang the Jesse on our stroller and let our stroller do the heavy lifting. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. img_9948aimg_9951aI found this cute little card in my “Jesse” bag that gives a 1 year “no questions asked” warranty on the diaper bag. How great is that. Again, I’m always saying that I’m a big supporter of small business and this is one of the many reasons why: stellar customer service!

Final Thoughts:

I really adore this diaper backpack and I want to give a huge thanks to the lovely people at Cheeky Tummy for sending it to me to review! I have been looking for a diaper bag that my husband would be proud to carry for a while now and the “Jesse” far and away exceeded my expectations.

I just love all of the compartments and all of the thought that went into this bag. I still can’t get over the wipe compartment! I also appreciate how well made and comfy it is. It is also very roomy and can fit all of my {FOUR} littles items and accessories with easy.

If you are looking for something cutesy and small this is definitely not your bag, but if you want a diaper bag that if super functional, comfy and gender neutral then this just might be the one for you! I sure love mine.

Lastly, I want to add that for the quality and innovation you are getting in the Jesse diaper backpack it is kind of a steal. It’s under $60 on the site now and you can go check out the bag and the other bags they offer HERE at the Cheeky Tummy site!

Baby Buzz: What’s your favorite feature on the “Jesse” diaper backpack?



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